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- Fluent English and Japanese-speaking employees available for assistance at all times
- Fully-equipped laundry room
- Fax and copy machines available for use
- A 17-seater shuttle bus for touring the area
- Gurye tourist information guides available in English, Japanese, and Chinese
- Our rooms are pleasantly structured and furnished to meet the tastes of our foreign guests, including comfortable bedding
  for a good night’s rest.
- We are the first-ever in Gurye to be fully equipped with a wireless laptop computer in every room, as well as a bidet
  system in every bathroom.
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- We offer the finest of authentic Western and Korean cuisine to satisfy even the most particular diner’s tastes.
- Breakfast : Chirisan Swiss Breakfast, American Breakfast, Clam Breakfast Stew, Miyeok Stew
- Western menu: Tenderloin Steak, Pasta, Beef Cutlet, and more
- Korean menu: Wild herbs bibimbap, Kalbitang, Bulgogi Dinner Set, and more
- Well-known brands of varied liquor and wine with our foreign guests in mind
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- All-natural mineral water sauna, scientifically proven to be great for neuralgia and the skin
- Steam bath installed
- Various gym equipment